CarCrafters Singapore Spray Painting & Bodyworks Specialist

CarCrafters Singapore Automobile Spray Paint & Bodyworks Specialist

Accident Repair and Restoration Specialist Workshop in Singapore

Spray painting, bodywork repair and premium or vintage car restoration in Singapore is a job for dedicated workshop specialists who have decades of hands-on experience in restoring exotic and classic automobiles. Entrust the accident repair, paint refinishing and custom body kits for your car to CarCrafters Singapore, the highly recommended spray paint and bodyworks specialist. 

Accident Reporting

CarCrafters Singapore supports 3 accident reporting centres in Singapore. Click below for locations and operating hours.

CarCrafters Services

Accident Repair Singapore - CarCrafters

Accident Repair

CarCrafters painstakingly restores accident or flood-damaged cars using genuine parts and highly-skilled craftsmen.

Car Bodyworks and Restoration Singapore - CarCrafters

Bodyworks & Restoration

CarCrafters restores vintage and classic cars and specialises in bodywork restoration completed in painstaking detail.

Car Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Spray Painting

We use factory-grade paints and lacquers, the very same paints used on brand new luxury cars such as the Mercedes-Benz S class.

Nissan GTR Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Accident Reporting

CarCrafters is an authorised accident reporting centre for AXA, DirectAsia and TokioMarine customers.

Paint Protection Singapore - CarCrafters

Paint Protection & Grooming

CarCrafters provides additional protection, shine and depth for your paintwork with top-grade ceramic and glass coatings.

Car Interior Restoration Singapore - CarCrafters

Interior Restoration

CarCrafters is one of the few interior restoration specialists in Singapore for leather, vinyl and cloth on the inside of your car.

CarCrafters Singapore 

is part of the AVANTAGE VAG automotive specialist group with 4 locations in Singapore

AVANTAGE VAG is trusted by thousands of happy customers in Singapore. Read our 100+ 5-star reviews.

Brought my 8 year old Audi A5 to get its body repainted and fixed, and wheels refurbished. The car looks brand new as ever thanks to CarCrafters. The car looks set to possibly get its COE renewed, especially if I have the guys at AVANTAGE servicing the car. Have serviced the car with them since 5 years ago and have not looked back. These guys do an amazing job helping with the maintenance and servicing of the car. Thanks guys!

- Sharon Seet

Car Spray Painting Specialist Singapore

Lamborghini Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Lamborghini Spray Painting

Ferrari Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Ferrari Spray Painting

Maserati Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Maserati Spray Painting

Porsche Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Porsche Spray Painting

BMW Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

BMW Spray Painting

Mercedes Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Mercedes-Benz Spray Painting

Audi Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Audi Spray Painting

Rolls-Royce Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Rolls-Royce Spray Painting

Jaguar Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Jaguar Spray Painting

Volkswagen Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Volkswagen Spray Painting

Volvo Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Volvo Spray Painting

Nissan GTR Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Nissan GTR Car Spray Painting

Lexus Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Lexus Spray Painting

Vintage Car Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Vintage Car Spray Painting

Classic Car Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Classic Car Spray Painting

CarCrafters Spray Paint Quality

The 3 Essential Features of Car Spray Paint

BMW Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Car spray painting at CarCrafters Singapore does much more than add colour to your car. It is the basis for the very identity of your automobile, so it is crucial that you know the 3 essential features that belong to a top quality vehicle spray paint.

All good quality car paints used in reputable painting workshops have several distinguishing qualities:

  • A high colour density so that no previous layers or colours show through
  • Resists scratches
  • Withstands stone impact without excessive chipping
  • Will not discolour over time, or be affected by UV rays.

But with the wide range of paints to choose from, which automotive paint system will achieve the best quality spray paint results? Before you contact CarCrafters Singapore about spray painting your car, understand the 3 key features of the top quality spray paints that we use.

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The 6 Critical Steps to Achieving Perfect Spray Painting Results

Exotic Car Spray Painting Singapore - CarCrafters

Car spray painting by CarCrafters Singapore, especially when applied to an expensive exotic car or when restoring a classic automobile, can be broken down into six steps. Using top quality car paint, these 6 steps enable our highly skilled spray painters using advanced spray painting equipment to achieve the perfect paint finish. 

Find out why CarCrafters Singapore is trusted as one of Singapore’s most respected spray paint and bodyworks specialists.

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