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Car Spray Paint: 3 Features That Count

Car spray painting at CarCrafters Singapore does much more than add colour to your car. It is the basis for the very identity of your automobile, so it is crucial that you know the 3 essential features that belong to a top quality vehicle spray paint.

All good quality car paints used in reputable painting workshops have several distinguishing qualities:

  • A high colour density so that no previous layers or colours show through
  • Resists scratches
  • Withstands stone impact without excessive chipping
  • Will not discolour over time, or be affected by UV rays.

But with the wide range of paints to choose from, which automotive paint system will achieve the best quality spray paint results?

Before you contact CarCrafters Singapore about spray painting your car, understand the 3 key features of the top quality spray paints that we use.

Car Paint Feature 1: A Top Quality Paint Primer 

Top quality paint primers are the foundation for the final spray paint finishing coats. At Car Crafters we prepare the surface to be painted using a quality automotive spray paint primer designed to promote the best adhesion between the metal and the subsequent layers of paint.

On bare metal body panels we use a high quality self-etch paint primer because, unlike a filler primer, it won't flake. This is accomplished through an acid in the primer which etches it's way into whatever it's being sprayed onto, and is ideal for steel, aluminium or even glass reinforced plastic. However it can burrow under and lift existing paint or sealant, so it needs to be used carefully during repairs.

If there’s no bare metal to be covered, or after applying the self etch primer to bare metal, we apply a high solid content “build” primer in a relatively thick layer. This is then sanded down to remove any inclusions or imperfections, before we apply the colour coats.

At Car Crafters only the best 2-pack or epoxy high build primers are used to achieve a finish that sets us apart from other car spray paint shops. These primers leave a thicker and smoother coat than cellulose primers, and do not sag.

Car Paint Feature 2: A Top Notch Spray Paint

Only the best urethane automotive spray paint - that is the secret to an oustanding paint finish. The colour coat is only applied once the highly skilled car spray painter at Car Crafters is satisfied with the surface preparation. This is fundamental to achieving a long lasting paint finish with a rich, highly reflective appearance.

We use urethane automotive spray paint for the colour coat because the high gloss finish we achieve with this car spray paint is extremely durable and chip resistant. Unlike lacquer automotive spray paint that some lesser car body shops use, urethane is much more durable, more chip resistant and holds its shine far better than the cheaper lacquer paints.

Car Paint Feature 3: The Right Automotive Paint Type

Choosing the right automotive spray paint for the car and job type is absolutely essential. CarCrafters Singapore uses either one- or two-part urethane car spray paint formulas, also referred to as 1K or 2K paint: The two part means that the paint requires an activator to cure. While 1K car spray paint is mostly used to touch up or repair small areas of the car body, the 2k product is usually used for a complete car respray.

Although many good automotive spray paint finishes only need the colour coat to be buffed, or rubbed down and then polished to achieve a sparkling shine, there are a group of car spray paints that require a final clear coat. Automotive spray paints such as Base/Clear, and special auto body paints, such as metallics, also require this additional clear coat to give them that liquid finish which allows the metallic flakes to sparkle in the base coat.

At Car Crafters Singapore our skilled technicians and paint specialists use only the best automotive spray paint and equipment to give your car a premium paint finish that will restore its original appearance and meet or even surpass factory paint standards.

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