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Car Spray Painting: 6 Steps To Perfection

Car spray painting by CarCrafters Singapore, especially when applied to an expensive exotic car or when restoring a classic automobile, can be broken down into six steps. Using top quality car paint, these 6 steps enable our highly skilled spray painters using advanced spray painting equipment to achieve the perfect paint finish.

Find out why CarCrafters Singapore is trusted as one of Singapore's most respected spray paint and bodyworks specialists.

Car Spray Painting Step 1: Strip Her

The first step in car spray painting is to carefully strip the car of all parts that are not to be spray painted. This disassembly (and later reassembly) is carried out by highly trained technicians so that nothing is damaged in the process. This is particularly important in a complete car respray, where the entire interior needs to be removed.

We also remove hang-on parts, such as the bumpers, and paint them separately to make sure every part gets the right paint and coverage.

Car Spray Painting Step 2: Prep Her

You can’t get quality results without expertly preparing the surface of the car you’re about to spray paint: Unlike house paint, auto refinish paint hides nothing. If anything, the high gloss car spray painting system magnifies any imperfections.

Paint won’t adhere to a greasy surface so all the areas to be painted are washed with mild soap and water, and everything is cleaned with a wax, oil and grease remover. Great care is taken to ensure that any area that may have come into contact with silicone is thoroughly cleaned before we move onto sanding. 

Next, we use a specialty filler to fill any imperfections in the car paintwork. Once hardened, the filler is carefully sanded down to blend perfectly with the car's bodywork. Sanding down is an important step in the car spray painting process because it removes any flaking material and improves adhesion for the subsequent coats of paint.

The final step in this preparation phase is to thoroughly mask all areas that are to remain unpainted. We do this to protect windscreens, wheels and tyres, as well as panels that are already painted, from overspray. This in itself is an art form as the masking tape has to be applied in such a way that a soft edge is created so that a good colour match is achieved by flowing the fresh paint into the existing colour.

Car Spray Painting Step 3: Prime Her

During step 3 we apply the best available urethane primer to prepare the automobile surfaces for painting

For bare steel, aluminium, or galvanized surfaces, we use a self-etch primer to ensure that successive coats of primer and colour paint form a permanent bond. Once the bare steel areas have been covered we carefully apply 2 to 3 coats of the best hi-build urethane car spray paint primer, before letting this dry in our purpose built drying oven. 

Once dry we’ll sand down the body panels until we get a smooth defect-free surface before continuing with spray painting of the colour coats. This process continues until the spray painter has a flawless surface on which to spray the colour coats.

Car Spray Painting Step 4: Mix & Match

CarCrafters’ highly skilled technicians now mix the high gloss urethane car spray paint to achieve the closest possible match to the desired colour.

Matching new paint to older existing paint is not easy, as any two cars of the same model will display slight variations in their colour tone, even if they are spray painted the same colour on the same production line at the same time!

Once on the road, the paintwork starts to fade and further change in colour tone as it is exposed to the sun's UV light. We therefore exercise the utmost care to match the new coat to the existing paint colour on your car. 

Car Spray Painting Step 5: Spray Her

The real art of car spray painting is now revealed as our highly skilled spray painters start to apply the colour coats.

Correct technique for car spray painting requires that the spray gun be maintained at exactly the right distance from the car's body, even as the surface’s shape changes. A steady hand is not the only vital technique; The speed at which the spray gun moves across the surface determines the paint thickness. Too slow and the paint will sag and run; too fast and the paint film will end up too thin, exposing the primer beneath the surface.

If the car spray painting is for a base coat / clear coat combination, this base colour coat changes from wet and glossy to a matte finish as it dries. A well ventilated tunnel oven ensures controlled curing of the 2K urethane car spray paint coats in a dust free environment.

If needed the colour coat will be lightly sanded before receiving subsequent applications by our craftsmen.

Car Spray Painting Step 6: Protect Her

The spray painter completes his masterpiece with a final series of clear coats that bring out a high gloss and enhances the durability of the paint finish

Clear coats are also required for certain special effect paints such as metallics where the clear coat is necessary to bring out the sparkle of the metallic flakes in the base coat. 

Isn't She Gorgeous?

To achieve a show worthy paint finish on every car, CarCrafters Singapore has a team of skilled and well-trained professionals that use high grade automotive finishing materials and state of the art equipment.

Why entrust your car to anyone but the most respected spray paint and bodyworks specialist in Singapore?

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