Limited Lifetime Warranty

We're proud of our work and cover spray painting repairs (Repairs) done by CarCrafters Singapore Pte Ltd (CarCrafters) with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (Warranty), subject to the Terms and Conditions detailed below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Warranty covers cracking or checking, hazing, peeling of the topcoat or any layer from the substrate, or obvious loss of colour and severe loss of gloss caused by cracking or fading on refinished surfaces, for which repair shall be carried out at our cost.
  2. Warranty is valid for Repairs done by CarCrafters only when the original invoice issued by VAG Singapore Pte Ltd or CarCrafters Singapore Pte Ltd is provided. 
  3. Warranty is valid for private passenger cars in Singapore that are less than nine years of age from the Year of Manufacture at the time Repairs commence.
  4. Warranty commences on the date that Repairs are completed and is valid as long as the vehicle remains registered to the same vehicle owner at the time Repairs commenced.
  5. Warranty is automatically terminated in any of the following circumstances:
    1. 10 years have elapsed from Repairs completion date.
    2. Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to any other party.
    3. The vehicle is deregistered or exported from Singapore.
    4. The vehicle is used for any commercial purpose, street or track racing, or off-road activities at any time during the warranty term.
    5. The vehicle is serviced or repaired in any manner by any party other than VAG Singapore Pte Ltd or CarCrafters Singapore Pte Ltd.
  6. Warranty does not apply in circumstances beyond the control of the repairer, including: Paint system failure due to defects or weakness in the pre-existing paint film; Paint system failure due to pre-existing rust or rust originating from within the vehicle body; Blemishes or blistering caused by rust; Damage caused by collisions or accidents, abrasions, scratches, stone chips, or the removal of decals, stickers or other adhesives; Failure of the vehicle manufacturer’s original paint finishes (OEM), or failure of previously repainted or repaired OEM finishes; Flexible plastic parts; Chemical spotting or moisture blistering; Damage caused by improper maintenance, use of improper or abrasive detergents or waxes, or environmental pollution; Damage resulting from negligence by the vehicle’s owner or users, or their families or guests; Paint work that has not been fully paid for.
  7. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions, suspend or terminate this Warranty program at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, our decision shall be final.